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Read the Fine Print to Avoid Business Contract Disputes

In 2014, Microsoft sued Samsung for $6.9 million over the latter’s purchase of Nokia, asking a federal court to decide that the purchase was not a breach of contract with Samsung. In turn, Samsung was withholding payments for the use of Microsoft technology. The suit was settled in 2015, although the terms of the contract were not disclosed. Businesses—even the most powerful companies—often find themselves in business contract disputes, which most often come down to a failure to properly read the fine print. An attorney experienced in business contract disputes is the best asset when it comes to resolving such issues...

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Commercial Lease Agreements Can Protect Your Business Security

For any business that requires the leasing of commercial space, the terms of that lease are critical to the future of business operations. Successfully negotiating those terms can ensure that you have a space in which you can happily operate for decades to come. Given the importance of a commercial lease agreement, it’s imperative to have an attorney skilled in such contracts, drafting or negotiating a document that provides the security your business needs going forward. That same attorney can also help effectively act on your behalf in case of a dispute. Provisions Protect a Landlord While a lease can be negotiated to provide...

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Buy-Sell Agreements Effectively Plan for the Future

Business owners juggle many different job titles, but one unlikely occupation is fortune teller. That’s why buy-sell agreements are such invaluable documents for businesses that are owned by multiple parties or if a business owner has multiple heirs. Such agreements make provisions for when a business owner would like to retire or is no longer able to operate the business and determines how business assets and ownership of the business will be divided if a co-owner wants to leave the business or an owner should pass away or become disabled. Buy-sell agreements leave nothing to chance, ensuring that all parties, including descendants...

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Business Lease Agreements Are Not Without Potential Problems

A business lease agreement is one of the most important documents for a business owner to negotiate, given the long-term life of a company. While businesses of all sizes stand to suffer in the event of lease issues, large businesses especially have a lot to lose if they are on the wrong end of a business lease dispute. Business lease agreements help secure rental space for decades to come, so you can establish roots as a go-to supper club or provide financial security for bank customers who might then set up accounts for their children and grandchildren. Do I Need an Attorney...

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Business Contracts Cement Company Health and Wealth

When it comes to the success of your business—or failure, for that matter—contracts are everything. Because of that, business contract negotiations are vital when working with another company to benefit you both. Essentially, contract negotiations bring two sides to an agreement on a set of legally binding terms. Because both parties will be looking for the most favorable terms and to lessen financial and legal risk factors, having an experienced attorney to provide legal guidance is an excellent way to protect your interests. What Are the Risk Factors? Contract negotiation is a critical part of contract management, and delays in the execution of...

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Starting a Business? A Business Attorney Can Be Your Best Asset

There are countless questions you might have when it comes to starting a business but having an experienced business attorney in your back pocket can help you avoid serious pitfalls that could derail your venture before it even gets off the ground. A business attorney can help you navigate problems that are common for business owners, helping to better ensure that your company is a success. It helps, however, to know what questions to ask. What questions should I ask my business attorney? During your initial consultation with a business attorney, there are certain questions you should consider in order to help you avoid...

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