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Our attorneys are well-versed with the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs and work as a team with the local and national banks as well as lenders from non-bank sectors.

It is a tough choice to make when it comes to participating in an SBA and/or other loan program authorized by the government. Several factors come into play and must be considered very minutely before a decision is made. The purposes and qualifications of these loans are unique and closing such loans involves specific challenges.

At The Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson, we have been actively involved in handling such complex loan programs with a high degree of success. With our deep experience and exceptional legal skills, we can collaborate with the clients and help them transact business smoothly.

Our central focus is to settle SBA debt by minimizing the damage to the personal assets of our clients. This is achieved by using a smart mix of strategies aimed at maximizing the benefits of clients. Our team has excellent negotiation skills and can ensure that your SBA debt is settled without any hassles and discomfort.

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Our attorneys are fully conversant with the SBA loan processes and well-equipped to handle every aspect from case evaluation to diagnosing any issues present to educating clients on options available and suggesting the best plan to resolve SBA loan problems.

We are proud of our track record which gives our clients the confidence to trust and accept our advice. We strive to remain current with the latest developments in this field so that we can provide you with relevant information and guide you appropriately on your case.

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