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It is a common practice in the entertainment industry for artists to hire the services of agents. They help actors, musicians, and others associated with the industry connect with potential resources and get work on a regular basis. Agents get a percentage of the earnings for every project their client gets. It is an established arrangement that works to the mutual benefit of all concerned.

Why Artists Need Agency Agreements

Artists with a busy schedule are not in a position to handle various aspects of their business. They need support for managing bookings, making travel arrangements, handling social media accounts, marketing their work, promoting their shows, etc. They need a competent and experienced manager to oversee the ancillary areas of their business so that they can focus on delivering better performances.

As an artist, you can get a huge load off your back by hiring a manager who can manage everything else while you use your time to hone your skills. A manager is also expected to get you more business than what you have now.

The Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson is here to help you draw up the perfect agency agreement, whether you are a newcomer to the industry or an established artist.

A Complex Agreement That Covers Your Future

Agency agreements are generally signed for the long term. Most artists do not like to disturb an arrangement that helps them get quality work and lucrative payments. However, as an artist, you must make sure you know the agreement’s content and context. A wrongly worded agreement can land you in a tight situation from which it may not be easy to wriggle out.

The Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson is well-versed in the latest developments in the field of entertainment. We are aware of how agency agreements work in today’s business environment. We represent some of the top names in the entertainment world and media agencies, including leading artists, production houses, brand developers, and influencers.

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How Our Expertise Can Help

  • Our experienced lawyers have many years of experience in drafting agency agreements and advising clients about their rights.
  • We help our clients in structuring the agreement and ensure that the agency agreement documents are in order.
  • We are adept at drafting complex distribution strategies.
  • We ensure that our client’s financial and creative freedom and values are fully protected in any legal agreement they sign up with partners and agencies.

The Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson has a sterling record of providing the proper legal guidance for artists from all areas of the industry. We help address critical aspects such as interpretation of contracts, transaction of licensing rights, terms of termination of the contract, protecting intellectual property rights, and structuring new terms in the existing contract.

We also stress the importance of consulting us at an early stage of agency agreements to help frame terms that are favorable and protect their current and future interests.

As an experienced law office specializing in agency agreements and contracts relevant to the entertainment industry, we can make sure you have a solid document in place to support your growth as an artist or a creative performer.

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