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A successful artist or an entertainer is unlikely to find time to manage other crucial tasks. That’s why the top names in the entertainment business have agents and managers. They are experienced professionals with a powerful network of connections that can be leveraged to secure lucrative contracts. Finding a good manager is half the job done for an artist but negotiating the terms of the contract that covers all the bases and is beneficial to them is a considerable challenge.

The Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson has top legal brains with many years of experience in entertainment laws. We advise artists and other entertainment professionals on negotiating contract terms that can favor them in the long run and protect their rights. We also make them understand the difference between managers and agents so that they choose the right person.

Contract Negotiations

Agents specialize in helping artists find quality work. They help artists in contract negotiations and also follow up on payments.

Managers play a more comprehensive and responsible role. They help in shaping and developing the career of artists. They utilize their expertise to help their clients in critical career areas, such as managing their projects, finances, marketing, connecting them to agents, and producers and driving their careers towards greater heights.

Artists have to comply with multiple laws and regulations that govern the entertainment industry. Many states require agents to be licensed if they want to represent artists professionally. If the rules are not complied with, it can lead to legal issues. We make sure that when our clients sign up agents and managers, they comply with federal and state rules. We are committed to protecting the interests of our clients.

Contracts Are Subject To Complex Rules

Many artists pay their agents and managers on a commission basis as per agreed terms. What they are generally not aware of is that these commissions are subject to complex rules. Some states apply laws regulating these commission payments. Some may prevent agents from charging advance fees.

Artists are unlikely to know these complicated rules and regulations while appointing agents and signing contracts and agreements. That’s why you need the guidance of a qualified lawyer specializing in entertainment laws. We know the rules applicable to employment contracts and negotiations in the state they are signed and can guide you on the pitfalls and risks before you sign on the dotted lines.

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Term of Contract

It is essential to know that the length of the contract is also an important aspect. The signatories, including the artist, are committed to the terms of the contract for that period. Most agreements are signed for one to five years. Some contracts have auto-renewal clauses or extensions factored in, subject to specific conditions.

Many artists are not sure how to decide the length of the contract. They end up signing agreements in which they get locked in for an extended period of time. By consulting the right entertainment law expert, they can make sure the length of the contract is favorable to them.

Other Components

Other components of the employment contract/agreement include services, exclusivity, and termination.

The agreement must define the services and the responsibilities the agent and the manager must carry out.

There are exclusive and non-exclusive contracts. We can help you decide which one is best for you based on your specific situation and circumstances.

Termination of a contract is another important aspect that must be considered carefully before finalizing it. As your lawyer, we can help negotiate these terms to give you a clear and long-term advantage.

The entertainment industry is an exciting place for creative artists, agents, and managers. However, disagreements can arise on a variety of subjects during the course of the engagement. As a reputed and experienced entertainment lawyer, we can help in meaningful contract discussion and ensure you get the best terms.

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