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Endorsements and contracts form the core of the career of every leading media professional. Whether you are just starting in the entertainment industry or about to land a lucrative endorsement after spending years building your brand, it is crucial to get the terms of the deal right. A slight slip-up may result in the creation of challenging situations and financial losses.

The Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson has many years of experience drafting and negotiating endorsements and contracts for the entertainment industry. We know how to protect the rights and interests of our clients, for now, and for the future. We work in close coordination with all the stakeholders and make sure they benefit from our expertise right through the process and beyond.

The Challenges

We are aware of the multiple challenges agents and artists face while negotiating and signing contracts, especially the big ones that involve major stakes. As one of the leading entertainment law specialists, we fully recognize the complexities of negotiating endorsement deals. That’s why the top names in the industry implicitly trust us when it comes to endorsement, deal negotiations, and contract signing.

We have represented some of the leading lights and reputed names in the world of entertainment. We specialize in protecting your personal brand value and exploring all possible legal avenues to ensure your endorsement deals work for your benefit.

Our clients prefer working for us because we don’t just focus on the basic elements of the deal. Our expert lawyers know how to take an expansive view that considers the entire range of your career.

Our Services Include:

  • Negotiating endorsement terms and drafting them
  • Ensuring you get the best out of sponsorship deals
  • Renegotiating existing contracts while making sure the terms match your enhanced value
  • Managing trademark and copyright agreements
  • Compensation provisions, including base compensation and bonuses
  • Public appearance terms
  • Exclusivity clauses

While understanding and negotiating endorsement deals, we take into account the exclusivity factor and the compensation.

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Exclusivity is a key factor of the contract as the endorsements use the public image and popularity of the artist to market or promote something. We make sure that specific clauses are included to protect your exclusivity.

Term of Endorsement and Runoffs

Most endorsement deals are signed for an initial term of one year. The terms may allow an additional period of one or two years. We make sure that extended terms of contract factor in a corresponding increase in payment if your popularity status changes for the better.

A runoff period allows the sponsor or the company to continue using the endorsement material for a short time after the end of the deal until a new creative is completed. During the runoff period, you are free to work for anyone unless you agree to exclusivity but for a price.


Compensation deals with the monetary part of the endorsement/contract and details how you will be compensated for the various endorsements. The base compensation is what you will receive for endorsing a brand and depends on what the product is, its popularity, and how you will promote it. We also negotiate bonuses for your endorsements. If you need to spend more time promoting products, you deserve compensation commensurate to the value of your time doing the endorsement.

Endorsement deals may take weeks or months to negotiate. If the deal is complex, it may take even more time. Using the services of an expert lawyer specializing in entertainment laws can help you negotiate from a position of strength and to your advantage.

Contact us to know how we can help you stitch up a deal that is a winner all the way. Call us now for a free consultation.

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