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Protective orders are civil orders issued by a judge to prevent one person from committing certain acts against others. The kind of petition filed would depend on the personal relationship between the respondent and the victim who needs protection.

A protective order ensures the safety of the victim from further acts of violence or harm. A permanent protective order is generally issued after the judge conducts a full hearing of the case before the appropriate court.

In Maryland, the order of protection can be obtained from the District Court or Circuit Court of the appropriate county. This detailed information can help you understand the procedure for obtaining protection against abuse.

To get a protective order there are specific acts that must count as abuse. They are:

  • Any action that can result in serious bodily harm such as kicking, punching, choking/strangling, etc.
  • Any action that puts the fear of imminent and serious bodily harm in a person
  • Attempted or actual rape or sexual assault
  • Getting someone imprisoned in a false case
  • Causing mental stress or injury to a minor
  • Stalking

Who is eligible for a protective order?

If you fall into any of these categories, you are eligible for a protective order

  • You are the current/former spouse of the abuser
  • You are/was the cohabitant of an abuser
  • You have a sexual relationship with the abuser
  • You have lived with the abuser for at least 90 days within one year before filing for relief
  • You are related to the abuser by blood, marriage, or adoption

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The eligibility also extends to others who have lived with the respondent such as a parent or step-parent, step-child, a vulnerable adult, etc. They should have lived with the abuser for a minimum of 90 days within a year before filing the case.

How Is Protection Provided Under the Law?

You may approach the court that provides advocates on-site for assistance in filling out the forms. This can be done even without a lawyer but it is advisable to contact a lawyer in in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia for advice and counseling on the matter. There are domestic violence agencies. They provide shelter to keep the victims safe through this process.

What Are the Measures Included In a Protective Order

Protective Orders specify a distance that must be maintained by the respondent from the victim and their family and friends.

Supervision of the abuser while making a visitation to see a child/children when the victim has custody rights.

Stringent ban on following, stalking, etc.

No communication in any form with the victim (calls, letters, emails or other forms of communication)

The respondent has to bear the expenses incurred for medical treatment and legal procedures

There are a few critical terms and conditions that the abuser must comply with. This includes getting counseling, refraining from causing damage to the property of the victim, providing financial support to the victim and the victim’s children under specific circumstances, etc.

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