Theatre Law

If there is one word that can define creativity in its truest element, it is theater. The business of producing shows is a challenging one. A lot of time, effort, and finances go into putting up a theater show, yet there is no sure-fire formula for success.

Producers, financers, creative artists, and the production team have to work in perfect tandem to deliver a show that can resonate with the audience. However, there are huge risks involved, regardless of the production house’s brand popularity or track record. Apart from the risk of the theater show not achieving the desired popularity, there is also the threat of legal action from certain elements.

At the Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson, our goal is to make sure theater professionals get the right guidance and support needed to navigate any legal issues they might run into. We have a brilliant record of helping clients from the theater manage their shows better without having to worry about getting into complex legal tangles. We represent the theater rights and interests of some leading directors, musicians, playwrights, choreographers, actors, producers, theater owners, and others associated with the entertainment industry.

Our entertainment law experts provide sound legal advice and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are adequately protected in all your business deals and transactions. Our services can be availed to address various legal concerns related to theater operations. We have many years of experience handling matters such as Intellectual Property protection and contract drafting.

If you are planning a theater production, we strongly advise that you hire the services of a theater lawyer specializing in entertainment laws. Our production counsels can guide you with the right legal input right through the production development process to make sure you steer clear of any potential legal hassles.

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The Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson can provide expert legal advice in the matter related to:

  • Acquiring production rights from third parties
  • Forming legal entities for producing the show
  • Preparing relevant agreements with all the stakeholders
  • Negotiation and drafting consultant agreements with concerned parties
  • Drafting and scrutinizing union contracts with vendors and others
  • Ensuring protection of intellectual property rights and enforcing them

Licensing Rights

Licensing of third-party rights is a common occurrence among production houses. A production’s creative needs may entail using an existing literary work, music, lyrics, design, other copyright or trademark work.  As a producer or a production house owner, you must obtain these rights legally, or risk infringement claims. This can cause loss of money in liability and fees. Loss of reputation is another major embarrassment you might have to suffer.

We can help you avoid such situations by proactively acquiring licensing rights to all such copyrighted and trademark content. Call us now to learn how our expertise in this field can protect you from future litigations and help you give wings to your creativity.

Intellectual Property Rights

IP rights can be a matter of controversy as there are some grey areas involved. It is challenging for a person not aware of the legal framework involving IP rights to know if they are wading into areas of potential infringement. With our many years of experience in entertainment laws, we can help you draw up contracts that take care of IP rights issues and infringement suits.

The Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson understands that the entertainment business involves using creativity. It often happens that in the excitement of creating inspirational content, you usually tend to overlook the legal aspects associated with production. Our astute legal advice can help mitigate the risks associated with misuse of entertainment and theater laws and ensure smooth progress for your business.

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