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Domestic violence charges are given after an incident of violence in the home, and they typically involve the abuse of a partner or spouse. These types of charges can result in severe penalties, from jail-time to fines to restraining orders. This is why it’s very important to contact a reputable criminal lawyer if you have been given a domestic violence charge. A criminal lawyer will be able to explain your rights to you, and they will be able to talk you through the case against you.

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Domestic Violence Laws in Maryland

In Maryland, domestic violence charges are covered under the same state codes as both first and second degree assault. There are two types of domestic violence charges: First Degree Domestic Violence and Second Degree Domestic Violence. First Degree Domestic Violence charges are given when one person causes serious physical injury to another person. This charge can also be given if one spouse threatens the other with a firearm. Second Degree Domestic Violence charges are given when the injuries are less severe and are not life-threatening.

By choosing a local law firm, the chances of success in bringing the culprits to justice gets a shot in the arm. Lawyers practicing in the local court will be well aware of the way the local court processes and will be able to do justice to your case by applying their skills, knowledge and legal expertise in criminal law.

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Domestic violence charges can be classified as both misdemeanors and felonies, depending on the details of the case. For misdemeanor charges, penalties can include probation, restraining orders, community service, fines, jail-time, incarceration, or house arrest. The maximum jail-time given for a misdemeanor Second Degree Domestic Felony Charge is ten years of jail-time and a fine of up to $2,500. Felony charges are generally even more stringent, and they can include a felony conviction on your permanent record, and more lengthy jail-time and higher fines. The maximum jail-time for a felony First Degree Domestic Violence charge is 25 years in prison.

Usually, if the party charged with domestic violence is released before their trial or is bonded out of jail, one of the conditions of their release will be that they can have no contact with the alleged victim. The person pressing charges can also arrange to have a protective order.

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