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If you have finalized a commercial space for your business needs, the next step is lease preparation. Negotiating a favorable lease is not easy, but it can benefit your business in many ways if you can do it right. You can, of course, do it on your own, but using the services of a law office with experience in lease preparation and lease negotiation can help you strike a favorable deal.

Leases are legal contracts, and they involve complex terms you may not be able to comprehend. It takes the sharp mind of a legal professional to decode and break down the terms of the contract. For a commercial lease, this skill is extremely important.

Say Goodbye To Wrong Interpretation Of Agreements

The Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson has unrivaled experience in lease negotiation and lease agreements. We understand our client is moving into a new workspace and would like to avoid any hassles arising from the lease agreement because of improper interpretation and understanding of the terms and clauses. We will go through the lease agreement with a fine comb to check if any of these terms and conditions are not favorable to your business.

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Some of the common mistakes while signing lease agreements include recycling old agreements without updating terms. This may not benefit you, especially if the circumstances around the old agreement have changed or if you want to do remodeling or adjustments to the existing space, but the contract prevents you from doing so.

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We Don’t Breeze Over Key Areas

While negotiating a lease agreement, there is a tendency to breeze over some aspects which may later turn out to be stumbling blocks in the progress of your business. Our expert lawyers go through the lease agreement details carefully and make sure no point is missed. When we negotiate a lease agreement on your behalf, we make sure nothing is missed out.

Every business aims to get the best deal for its commercial lease agreements. If you are not sure how to talk your way through the best deal, call us. We will negotiate a deal that will ensure a favorable lease agreement and will protect you from impractical rent hikes during the lease agreement. We know how to negotiate a lease that can help you focus on business development without worrying about the complex terms of the lease.

How Our Expertise Can Help You

We have years of experience handling all stages of commercial real estate transactions. We can recognize gaps in the lease agreement and help you get the lease that favors you in the long term. Call us before you finalize the lease agreement or want to negotiate tough because lease agreements are lengthy. And they are highly technical as well. We can speak your language, and that’s why we know your needs better.

We have extensive experience in lease agreement drafting and negotiating. Hence, we are fully prepared to help you sign the lease agreement that can set up your business for success.

The legal experts at the Law Office of Rowena N. Nelson have in-depth knowledge about lease agreement drafting. We also look into the future to understand how some of these clauses are likely to play out in court. When we negotiate your lease, we make sure your due diligence is cared for.

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