Starting a Business? A Business Attorney Can Be Your Best Asset

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Starting a Business? A Business Attorney Can Be Your Best Asset

There are countless questions you might have when it comes to starting a business but having an experienced business attorney in your back pocket can help you avoid serious pitfalls that could derail your venture before it even gets off the ground.

A business attorney can help you navigate problems that are common for business owners, helping to better ensure that your company is a success.

It helps, however, to know what questions to ask.

What questions should I ask my business attorney?

During your initial consultation with a business attorney, there are certain questions you should consider in order to help you avoid legal problems and other risk factors going forward, so you can focus on what makes you feel truly passionate about your business venture.

Common business questions include:

  • What’s the best business structure for me? Most small businesses will fall under the category of either sole proprietorship, a business with one owner, or a general partnership, which includes more than one owner. Because any liabilities your business might face will fall on your shoulders, you want to take smart steps when formulating a business plan to avoid being held liable for lawsuits or other obligations. Setting up your business as a corporation, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership can help mitigate any losses you will personally experience if your business runs into financial trouble.
  • How do I choose a name for my business? You may have the best name in mind for your business, but there are certain rules that must be followed, including selecting a name that does not infringe on another business’s registered trademark. A business attorney can help you navigate potentially tricky territory – before you order business cards.
  • What state and federal laws do I need to consider? As an employer, it is important to follow laws ranging from anti-discrimination laws to minimum wage. A business attorney can help you avoid accidentally violating any laws regarding employees, health and safety, and more.
  • How can I protect intellectual property? A business name, logo, product packaging, patents, and other business trademarks require steps to protect them. That means filing copyrights or registering a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to protect certain assets, such as websites.
  • What business contracts do I need? A well-written contract can protect your business from disputes, failure to pay for services rendered and other potential problems. A great business attorney can help you pen or review contracts so that your business is cushioned.

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