Business Lease Agreements Are Not Without Potential Problems

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Business Lease Agreements Are Not Without Potential Problems

A business lease agreement is one of the most important documents for a business owner to negotiate, given the long-term life of a company. While businesses of all sizes stand to suffer in the event of lease issues, large businesses especially have a lot to lose if they are on the wrong end of a business lease dispute.

Business lease agreements help secure rental space for decades to come, so you can establish roots as a go-to supper club or provide financial security for bank customers who might then set up accounts for their children and grandchildren.

Do I Need an Attorney to Negotiate My Business Lease?

Having an attorney available to draft or negotiate a business lease agreement is important if you want to avoid potential problems in the future. That’s not to say there will not be disputes, but there will be more legal protection for you in the event of any problems.

Some common business lease disputes include:

  • Commercial landlord-tenant disputes. Most commercial landlords as well as property management companies conduct business in a professional manner, preventing personal disagreements from escalating into serious problems. Attorneys with business lease experience are well suited to negotiate documents to prevent critical concerns from being addressed all through the life of a lease.
  • Failure to turn over a lease. A property owner may choose to rent to another tenant after a business lease agreement is signed or the previous tenant may refuse to vacate the property. Both can create real legal problems that have the potential to cost you your business, especially so if you are not as financially sound as a startup as you might like to be.
  • Failure to make disclosures regarding the premises. In most cases, if there are problems with the building you are hoping to rent space from that would prevent you from successfully doing business there, your landlord is aware of them. Having provisions in place in a business lease agreement can provide a tenant with a course of action that can protect their financial interests.
  • Business evictions. Business lease agreements should provide protections for both landlords who need to receive rent payments in order to cover their financial obligations as well as tenants who could see years of work erased in the event of an eviction.

Having an attorney draft or negotiate a business lease agreement can cement the terms of the document, protecting you and your business interests.

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