7 Situations When You Need Family Law Attorney in Maryland

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7 Situations When You Need Family Law Attorney in Maryland

Family Law Attorney in Maryland

Family law is a broad subject. It includes practice areas like marriage, divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, adoption, foster care, and reproductive rights. Families matters are woven with emotions. It is important to have a trustworthy legal aid by your side. He/she ensures your rights are protected and gives you the necessary moral support to pursue your case.

When do you need a family lawyer?

The commonest reasons to hire a lawyer specializing in family law are:

  1. Divorce: Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, a lawyer by your side can ensure a smooth legal process. Both of you must hire your own attorneys, who will represent each side. It is always best to settle out of court and have an amicable divorce, but, alas, the world is not a bed of roses, or is it?
  2. Paternity: In many cases, the mother files a paternity case to get child support from a father who is absent. At times, the biological father of the child may file for paternity to establish a relationship with their offspring. A DNA test is required to establish paternity.
  3. Child support/child custody: When kids are present, divorce accompanies with child support and child custody issues. They can bring immense stress, if pursued without a lawyer. In case of abusive or non-amicable partners, one parent may try to forcefully take away the child. You must prove in the court that you are eligible to keep the child. In such cases, you need a competent lawyer to represent your case.
  4. Foster care/adoption: It is a noble deed to adopt a child. However, this is a legal process. You cannot simply visit an orphanage and bring home a child. You must hire a family law lawyer and proceed legally with the adoption process.
  5. Marital property: This is the property that a spouse acquires when they marry. During divorce, you are eligible to receive this property. In contested divorce cases, one partner may refuse to give the rightful property to the other. You need one of the top family lawyers in Largo to assert your property rights in this case.
  6. Prenuptial agreement: This is an agreement between two partners before they tie the knot. It includes property division in case of death or divorce and other mutual agreements. You need to sign the agreement in front of a lawyer to make this document valid. In case you divorce in future, this document comes in handy to assert your rights.
  7. Emancipation: This is a court procedure that makes a minor responsible for his/her own welfare like an adult. The child, no longer, needs to be under the care of parents or guardian. In case of death of both parents and in the absence of a guardian, emancipation can be a beneficial procedure for a child. He/she can start life independently.

Top family lawyers in Largo also work with lawyers of other fields. For instance, cases of child abuse and domestic violence may require intervention of criminal lawyer. Cases of property division may require a family lawyer to work with a real estate lawyer.