It Makes Sense To Get Help From A Criminal Lawyer To Protect Your Rights

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It Makes Sense To Get Help From A Criminal Lawyer To Protect Your Rights

Largo Maryland Criminal lawyer

A criminal law will operate based on what crime the state has charged you with.

Each crime is defined with its own set of elements and has several factors that influence sentencing.

For example it is a crime to willfully possess drugs or illegal controlled substances such as cocaine or marijuana.

However, what constitutes drug possession is interpreted according to the type of drug, the amount, and the state where the purported crime took place.

This is the reason you must be familiar with the laws in your state.

But keep in mind that if you possess drugs the basic elements of the offense are same in all the states.

Yet, as one Largo Maryland Criminal lawyer rightly put it, “The prosecutor must be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you committed the crime”.

In this regard, two aspects must be established by the prosecutor:

• You knew the drug in question was a controlled substance.
• You knowingly were in possession of the drug.

You can be charged if you are in actual possession of the controlled substance or even in constructive possession.

Constructive possession means even if you are not in actual possession but have access to and control over the place where the drug was found.

This theory is commonly used when illegal substances are found in a car during routine checks or at traffic stops.

You can also be found guilty if you are in possession of the trappings associated with drug use, such as syringes and pipes.

In Maryland, a simple possession case may not face any consequences or penalties. The person charged will get an opportunity to undergo a drug education diversion program in lieu of dismissal of charges.

But a second time offender can face a jail term.

If you have been charged with drug possession you have every right to defend yourself.

There are ways by which you can understand the situation and safeguard your legal rights.

It makes good sense to take assistance from one among the good criminal lawyers in Largo.

But the legal representation you are looking for must not be someone who handles your will or property, or manages bankruptcies.

In a nutshell, you do not require a civil attorney but someone who specializes in criminal law.

Ideally, look for an attorney who has assisted defendants charged with possession of drugs or similar offenses.

Also keep in mind that a good lawyer speaks for you. This simply means you must feel comfortable with him/her at all times.

A Largo Maryland Criminal lawyer has this to say, “The attorney must show genuine concern to help you and also must be a person who creates trust in prosecutors, judges, and the jury”.

Here is an important aspect.

The state cannot legally prosecute persons that cannot afford an attorney. Rather they must provide him/her with one.

Usually states have established public defender offices to fulfill this requirement.