Get Your Name Off Sex Offender Database – If Your Acts Are Now Decriminalized

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Get Your Name Off Sex Offender Database – If Your Acts Are Now Decriminalized

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If you were in the sex offender list long ago, keep in mind that acts such as sodomy and oral sex are legal among consenting adults.

So it makes sense to get your name off the database if you were convicted of acts that are now legal.

If needed, you can take assistance from one of the criminal lawyers in Largo.

It would not be surprising if a person accused of sexual crime In Maryland is worried and anxious.

They could definitely be petrified of what the future holds for them.

If you are one of those trying to defend yourself it would be better you get to know what the consequences of convictions are.

In Maryland, sexual offenses are classified into 3 Tiers – Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III.

Tier I is the least serious and Tier III the most severe.

The period of registration is progressively higher for each Tier.

While each state is at liberty to define what constitutes as sex crimes, they must still categorize the crimes in these 3 Tiers.

There are several approaches through which a person’s name can be removed from the sex offender list:

  • If the defendant is pardoned or the conviction is overturned
  • After successful completion of the term
  • If the person dies
  • If the act is no longer considered illegal

A worrying aspect for any offender is anyone can access registry information except for the person’s social security number and fingerprints.
According to sex offender lawyers in Maryland, “Details of the offender such as the person’s residential address, photograph, and the workplace is available to the public”.

In this connection, the public must also know that on March 18, 2020, the Maryland House of Delegates voted in favor of repealing the state’s sodomy law. The bill has now become law in May 2020, however, without the signature of the Governor.

Nevertheless, it is a must for all states to maintain a sex offender list.

This is mandated by federal law. If any state does not comply, they risk losing federal funds.

Although these new notifications were with a commitment to crack down on pedophiles and rapists, they nonetheless have wreaked a devastating impact on those who did not expect such a move.

This law has pulled some people into the registration system, who as per the present laws do not qualify as sexual offenders.

“Some types of sexual conduct, earlier considered crimes, have been in recent times decriminalized”, says one of the criminal lawyers in Largo.

It must now be known that the Supreme Court has annulled laws prohibiting consensual sex between same-sex couples.

If you have been convicted under such laws and had to register, there is a way out now.

You can apply to the state’s justice department and get your name removed from the sex offenders’ database.

The process may involve submitting certain documents to the department of justice that establishes that the conviction is now decriminalized.

Yet, to successfully complete the procedure without any hassle, getting assistance from one of the sex offender lawyers in Maryland makes sense.