Seek Legal Help to Get Your Name off the Sex Offender List

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Seek Legal Help to Get Your Name off the Sex Offender List

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In many states, it was mandatory for sex offenders to register with the police department.

Now the public has access to sex offender databases.

This practice of notifying the offender’s identity, location, and other information was inspired after a 7-year-old girl was raped and murdered by a sex criminal in New Jersey.

A huge public outcry moved the U.S. Congress to direct the Department of Justice to:

• Retain a database of sex offenders
• Allow the states to create their own databases if they choose to
• Instruct states to enact public notification laws

According to local criminal attorneys in Maryland, “Maryland must maintain sex offender registration websites. If the state does not do so they may risk losing federal funds”.

It must be understood that the Maryland Sex Offender’s Registry was created and maintained by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services with a view to protecting children from those who have a record of crimes against children.

But we must keep in mind that not every individual on the sex offender list is a criminal.

Many are now on the list because they were convicted long ago for acts such as sodomy or sex between adults which are now legal.

Now that the databases are available to the public, having your name on the list can be demoralizing.

The searchable database can provide complete information about you including your photograph, residential address, and criminal history.

But what if you are appearing unfairly in the database?

The answer of course is obvious.

You must take assistance from one of the sex offender lawyers in Maryland.

It is possible in a moment of indiscretion when you were drunk in a party someone falsely accused you of indecent exposure.

You are now labeled as a sex offender and included in the Maryland registry.

Some types of conduct which were once considered crimes are no longer so.

A case in example is consensual sex between same-sex couples. Such acts are now legal in many states.

If you are charged with a crime, you are entering the arena of the criminal justice system.

You need a skilled attorney to manage your case to get the best possible outcome. Yours as well as your family’s reputation is at stake.

Keep in mind that an attorney that handles bankruptcy or corporate issues may not be the right person to defend your case.

You may need to consult one of the local criminal attorneys in Maryland.

You will have to convince the lawyer that you are not guilty.

There could be several reasons that someone could falsely accuse you of a crime.

It could be revenge or even false identification.

It is possible that at the party, the establishment was poorly lit and the accuser believes you are the perpetrator.

It may be possible now to exempt you from being registered as an offender.

The Exemption process can involve a lot of work like submitting documents to the state’s department of justice.

Get legal help to resolve the issue.