Five Reasons to Choose Rowena N. Nelson Law Offices

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Five Reasons to Choose Rowena N. Nelson Law Offices

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The ugliness of domestic violence is reflected in a victim’s helplessness wherein she finds herself imprisoned in a world of fear and violent intimidation. That’s one side of the problem and it can be easily understood as the common feature of domestic violence because in the majority of cases, the victims are the wives or female partners. However, there is another side of domestic violence where the victims are the husbands or male partners. Although such cases do not feature violent intimidation barring rare instances, it does include complaints of false charges of violence by the female partner against the male partner. There could be different situations in which an individual in Largo MD finds herself/himself embroiled in such cases. S/he should speak to a domestic violence defense lawyer in MD for a resolution.

Domestic violence results from frictions

Marital relationships are a web of expectations, disappointments and interplay of emotions that often get out of hand. Couples have differences of opinion on several matters but also have convergence of opinion in many other matters. It usually boils down to lifestyle issues especially when one of the partners has a substance problem. As the disagreements get more intense, the usual next level is violence and that’s where matters take a turn for the worse. If you felt compelled to use violence against your partner and the latter files a police complaint about it, it’s time to look for top family lawyers in Largo to handle your case.

Dealing with charges of domestic violence

Once you are charged for causing domestic violence, the only way you can deal with this situation is by fighting it out in court. Unless you have the support and services of a domestic violence defense lawyer in MD, your chances of a favorable verdict will disappear before you can make a move.

Here 5 critical reasons why you need an experienced lawyer to get you a favorable verdict.

  • An experienced lawyer knows how to wade through the high water of criminal law to guide you to safety.
  • She will study all the acts pertaining to domestic violence and find out the grounds on which your penalties can be minimized. 
  • A great deal of paperwork needs to be submitted to the court in order to prove your point and this can only be done by a lawyer. 
  • Whether you commit first degree domestic violence or second degree the charges can be serious and will need expert handling by an experienced lawyer.
  • Even if you are innocent and if the charges against you are false, you will need an expert lawyer to prove your innocence in the matter.

The whole issue of domestic violence has several dimensions and it is not just one partner using violence against another partner. There is also the issue of motivated charges of domestic violence by one partner against another. The intricacies of such matters are known to top family lawyers in Largo who are experienced in handling such cases. The provisions of law in Maryland as in all other states, offers an individual ample opportunities to make his/her plea for justice but for that you need good lawyers by your side.