The Objective Of Your Criminal Lawyer Is To Provide Aggressive Defense

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The Objective Of Your Criminal Lawyer Is To Provide Aggressive Defense

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Criminal attorneys do have duties they must fulfill for their clients, regardless of whether the client has committed the crime or not.

You must first understand what is at stake in any criminal case.

The prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant has committed the crime.

So it makes sense to be honest with your criminal lawyer.

You may be apprehensive that if you tell the truth to the lawyer, he or she may not represent you.

Such hesitancy is uncalled for.

Let us say, you did pickpocket a purse from a lady on a street. You are still entitled to acquittal if the victim cannot identify you.

A good criminal defense lawyer in MD will tell you that there is difference between factual guilt (what the person actually did) and legal guilt (what the prosecution can prove).

The duty of your lawyer is not to ask whether you did the act but rather “Will the government be able to prove you did it”.

No matter what you have done, you are not guilty until the prosecutor presents enough evidence to force the jury to convict you.

Keep in mind that all criminal attorneys including local criminal attorneys in Maryland are ethically committed to zealously represent all clients – those they feel may be found guilty as well as those who are factually innocent.

A robust defense is essential to protect the innocent and ensure that it is the legal system (and not the police) who have the final say to decide who committed the crime.

You may have done an act in question, but still have a valid defense that can exonerate you.

But does self-representation make sense?

There are several reasons why some defendants prefer to represent themselves in a criminal trial.

In some cases it may not be necessary to hire a criminal attorney.

One way to get over this predicament is to visualize the likely punishment you will face if found guilty.

The harsher the punishment (for example, if a jail term is a possibility), the more important it is that you are represented by a criminal lawyer.

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge that can result in a jail term of six months, you have a right to legal representation even if the actual sentence can turn to just a fine.

Being accused in a crime can be a terrible experience for anybody.

Keep in mind that the criminal law is a mixture of state and federal statutes.

Each state has its own set of laws and punishment for various crimes.

Local criminal attorneys in Maryland are capable of providing skilled and experienced legal assistance to clients that can help them navigate through the local criminal legal system.

The criminal justice process is complex. It is impossible for a common person to fully comprehend the complete gamut of laws and understand how to handle the system.

A qualified criminal defense attorney knows what his or her responsibilities are. The lawyer will offer the best services, regardless of the act a person is charged with.