Should I Tell All to My Divorce Attorney?

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Should I Tell All to My Divorce Attorney?

When a marriage is rocky, volatile, and at its end, it would seem that keeping the embarrassing elements of that marriage a secret would be the best bet during a divorce. While that may be in your best interest when it comes to family, as far as your divorce attorney is concerned, tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as they say, to avoid any surprises in court.

If your attorney doesn’t know everything about the case, it could end up putting him or her in a predicament if something comes up that you failed to share, a move that could ultimately hurt your case. And according to Psychology Today, keeping secrets can throw a divorce into total chaos.

Why Should I Reveal Secrets?

The best attorney is a prepared attorney, and providing the most information you can will allow him or her to establish an effective strategy that can improve your outcome in court. No attorney wants to be blindsided with important information during court or mediation; it could put their legal strategy in a precarious position.

If, for example, you had an affair and fail to share that information, you can be certain that your soon-to-be-ex will. That will put your attorney in a vulnerable position, and much of the work that your attorney did to help you win your case could be thrown out the window.

By sharing that information, no matter how embarrassing, it could allow your legal team to put together a plan that supports your side, no matter what you share. Even if it feels like a therapy session, tell your attorney what they need to know. It’s not as if they haven’t heard just about everything (people get divorced for all sorts of tawdry reasons), but that information will be subject to attorney-client privilege, so whatever you share will be kept confidential.

What Does My Attorney Need to Know?

Before you have your first consultation with your attorney, take inventory of the information from your marriage that could haunt you during your divorce. Did you spend the family savings account? Was there domestic or verbal abuse that stained your marriage? Was there child neglect or was child protective services ever involved with your family? Do you or your spouse have an addiction problem? Did you talk about your divorce on social media, sharing the dirty little details in a contemporary version of Betty Broderick’s story before it became a double homicide?

These are all things that it is in your best interest to share with your lawyer, before you find yourself on the losing end of a judge’s decision.

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