Sex Offence and the Deep Impact on Victims (Kids and Adults)

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Sex Offence and the Deep Impact on Victims (Kids and Adults)

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Sex offence is not limited to the moment that offence is done. Nor is it limited untill the offender gets the right punishment. The offence lingers on with the victim for years. This holds particularly true when a child is abused sexually. The pain and the memories linger on in her/his adulthood.

As per various studies conducted by crime specialists and psychologists across the globe, when a child is abused in any way, including sexual, she or he has the tendency to develop behavioral problems when they grow up. Also, many of the victims are likely to become offenders.

The harsh truth

According to sex offender lawyers in largo, they have come across cases wherein the offender was a victim in her/his childhood.

Many times, the violent atmosphere at home de-sensitizes the child. He or she may not feel another’s pain. Such children, when they grow up, are likely to become bullies.

They know only one thing – get things forcefully. And they apply this rule to all areas of their lives, even when they want sex. They are more likely to indulge in rape and other violent sex crimes.

The CRC – The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child – is a global treaty, which legally obligates countries to safeguard the rights of children. As per the CRC’s Article 34 and Article 35, states are required to protect children from sexual exploitation and all kinds of sexual abuse.

Short term effects of sexual abuse

As per psychology studies, for up to two years, the victim may suffer from disturbed sleep, appetite problems, and behavior and relationship problems.

Children may engage in thumb-sucking and bed-wetting behavior. Seclusion is another effect in children and adults.

Long term effects of sexual abuse

The victim may engage in self-destructive behaviors like alcoholism and drugs, anxiety attacks, relationship problems, not being able to enjoy sex, and others. They may develop a skewed view of sex and may find it hard to trust people.

If the abuse is done by a family member, the child, when she/he grows up, may find it hard to develop and maintain relationships. They may not value families anymore. They feel betrayed.


Sex offense leaves a deep impact on the mind of the victim, whether child or adult. And if the offender is a known person whom the victim trusted, it gives a severe blow to the victim’s sense of trust, emotions, and self-esteem.

Sex offender lawyers in Maryland try their level best to bring the offender to books and protect the rights of the victim.