Money Could be What Stands Between Staying in a Bad Marriage and Divorce

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Money Could be What Stands Between Staying in a Bad Marriage and Divorce

Many people fail to get divorced due to financial reasons—in most cases, women who have stayed home to raise children rather than pursue a lucrative career. But there are times when a marriage must come to an end; if love is gone, if a spouse is too controlling, or if spouses grow in different directions and it is not best for either of them to stay in the marriage.

But what does a wife do if she has no means to support herself and finds herself facing a marital split? She finds a good alimony attorney.

While a household of two people can live as cheaply as one, once the two parties move into two separate households, expenses double, and women usually get the short end of the stick, especially if they have full custody of the children. Having a great alimony attorney can help ensure that a spouse whose circumstances are not ideal has enough money available to start a new life, unencumbered by poverty.

It’s important to have a beast in court, because according to studies, in the United States, after divorce, a woman’s standard of living drops by as much as 27 percent, while men make gains averaging 10 percent.

What Does an Alimony Attorney Do?

An alimony attorney will not only negotiate a fair alimony settlement on your behalf during divorce proceedings, he or she can also help you file a lawsuit if your partner fails to pay a negotiated amount. An alimony attorney can also take a case to court in order to have alimony payments seen as exorbitant reduced.

In some cases, a divorce attorney who does not specialize in spousal support cases may be forced to refer you to an alimony attorney, which makes hiring a team that handles all aspects of divorce proceedings the smartest choice going ahead with a divorce.

How Are Assets Distributed?

In the United States, 41 of 50 states are equitable distribution states, which means that the marital estate is divided as close to 50-50 as possible. In some states, assets are distributed higher to women with small children, such giving the woman the marital home to maintain a sense of stability for the children, although a home as an asset requires funding for upkeep and taxes. Even if a woman can afford the family home, she will still have a more difficult time, as years taken off to raise children put her behind her ex in terms of earning.

That means having an excellent alimony attorney is vital for future financial stability.

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