Key Highlights of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy Northern Virginia

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Key Highlights of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy Northern Virginia

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy Northern Virginia

Bankruptcy procedures need to be initiated if someone is facing a financial crunch and is not able to repay loans. As per federal law, debts can be restructured or even discharged subject to the provisions of law if the person or an organization qualifies for bankruptcy.

Just like provisions of any other law, bankruptcy codes are extremely complex and a common person will find it hard to fathom the meaning and implications of various legal terms and procedures. Moreover, one’s reasoning can get clouded due to financial hardships and constant harassment from recovery agencies.

Importance of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer

With help of established lawyer firms, one can file for bankruptcy as the bankruptcy lawyers have in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy codes such as Chapter 13 bankruptcy Northern Virginia and more. You will also be able to negotiate the most favorable repayment terms if you have hired the right attorney.

When hiring a bankruptcy attorney, one must go for a legal firm with past history of handling bankruptcy cases because thorough knowledge and experience of dealing with different codes of bankruptcy is must. Secondly, you will have to look for a local attorney as some provisions of bankruptcy laws can vary from state to state.

Bankruptcy filing and the subsequent proceedings have the potential to impact one’s financial reputation and can also cause long term effect on an individual’s family or business. Of course, there are many benefits of a successful and effective bankruptcy proceeding if the same is handled by an experienced attorney.

Bankruptcy code for relief from loans

Sometimes, a personal loan, credit card dues, or a business loan outstanding can remain unpaid for a long time because of loss of income due to any reason or financial irregularities. Such situations can be extremely difficult to manage due to constant harassment from credit agencies.

This calls for an urgent appointment with any established Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer northern Virginia for consultation. This chapter is designed for debtors who are willing to settle their debts by disposing off their assets. Debts can also be discharged according to provisions of this bankruptcy law.

Availing relief under Chapter 13

If you are stressed because of the loss of a job or regular monthly income, you may have to lose ownership of your priced possessions or property to settle loans. As per the provisions of Chapter 13 bankruptcy Northern Virginia, you can save your possessions from foreclosure.

Individuals who are filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 can look forward to restricting of loans in terms of period and installments to facilitate the ease of repayment. Whether you are a resident of Maryland or Northern Virginia, you can consult a reputed local bankruptcy lawyer for exploring ways to get benefits of the provisions of bankruptcy laws.


Your bankruptcy lawyer must have experience and knowledge of presenting your case in such a way that the bankruptcy court is convinced about your situation. This requires the help of an experienced attorney from any reputed law office across the Washington DC Metropolitan area.