I Was Ticketed with Reckless Driving—What Can I Do?

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I Was Ticketed with Reckless Driving—What Can I Do?

In Maryland, as in any state, reckless driving is no small charge, although charges that might fall under the category of reckless driving in other states is considered aggressive driving in the Old Line State. Reckless driving charges can be filed if a person is caught driving a motor vehicle with what is considered blatant or shameless disregard for the health and safety of other people or property, and the results can be costly.

A driver convicted of reckless driving can be assessed six points on their driving record and fined up to $1,000. He or she will also be required to attend classes as part of Maryland’s Driver Improvement Program. A minor could face a six-month suspension of their driver’s license.

If you find yourself charged with reckless driving, contacting an attorney experienced with reckless driving defense is an important first action given the penalties involved.

There Are Defense Options for Driving to Endanger

How can an attorney help with a reckless driving defense? An experienced reckless driving attorney will have the skills to assess your charge and determine a good strategy going forward. And there are certain options when it comes to a reckless driving charge, including:

  • It wasn’t you behind the wheel. This defense is difficult to argue because police and prosecutors must have proof that you were the one behind the wheel.
  • Reckless driving was necessary. Some compelling instances that would call for reckless driving might include a medical emergency, a carjacking, or a problem with your vehicle such as brake failure. Note, however, that brake failure was not considered an adequate defense in the 2021 conviction of a Colorado truck driver who caused multiple deaths when his brakes failed on a mountain pass.
  • Distractions while behind the wheel made reckless driving unavoidable. While a phone call wouldn’t be an adequate defense, a toddler choking on a snack or some other urgent distraction could result in dropped reckless driving charges.
  • Radar detector inaccurately determined speed. If you weren’t speeding but were ticketed and charged with reckless driving all the same, you could have a good defense to beat the charges.
  • You could plead careless driving, instead. Careless driving is a much less serious offense than reckless driving, so any penalties would be lessened.
  • You could also plead aggressive driving. Aggressive driving is also a lesser charge than reckless driving, and if you were otherwise operating your vehicle safely, it may be a successful defense.

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