How to Avoid Foreclosure, Why Even Lenders Don’t Like Them

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How to Avoid Foreclosure, Why Even Lenders Don’t Like Them

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Foreclosure is not the end of the world, nor is it the hard and fast rule. You can avoid it. Communication with the lender is an important step. Next, you must contact a Prince George’s County foreclosure attorney. He or she is the best person to talk to when you are facing a threat of losing your home through foreclosure.

The truth: when you are under the threat of foreclosure, life is going to be tough. First, you will lose your dream home. Second, you have to deal with the financial crisis.

Although for some people foreclosure seems to be the best option. Atleast it makes them free of the debt, while they start life afresh at a new place. But, it’s easier said than done. Foreclosure truly exhausts you mentally, physically, and financially.

It is good to make your lender aware of your situation. They are humans. They will agree to work something out. And if you have a good lawyer by your side, you can expect your situation taking a positive turn.

Bank is not interested in your home!

Please do not harbor any grudge against the bank. Their job isn’t real estate speculation. Their job is to lend money and make money through interest on loan.

So, a bank really doesn’t want your home. They are happy with your mortgage payments. However, foreclosure laws are strict and banks must abide by them. For a bank, foreclosure is the last resort.

So, to put it in one sentence:

Nobody likes foreclosure – not your lender, not your lawyer, not you.


That’s the reason lenders are ready to lend an ear and work upon an alternative solution to avoid foreclosure.

That’s the reason why lawyers are ready to burn the midnight oil to avoid foreclosure and defend your case.

That’s the reason you are ready to hire a lawyer!

Ray of hope

In case your financial situation changes, your lender can agree to change the loan terms for a temporary period. They may let you pay lower monthly amounts. Atleast they are getting some monthly payment from you and you save your home and get time to bring your financial life on track. So everybody is happy.

Law firms in Maryland offer highly experienced and qualified lawyers who know how to negotiate with lenders and find an alternative solution, which is attractive for everybody.

Short sale

Short sale is the last resort. It leads to loss of home. Yet, it leads to much relief to the debtor. This is because a huge chunk of the mortgage debt is forgiven in this option.

Short sale means selling the house on a short notice for whatever price it fetches. The money goes to the lender. In case the house sells for a price lesser than the debt left on the debtor’s mortgage, the remaining debt balance is forgiven.

Prince George’s County foreclosure attorney can help you deal with this financially trying situation and bring out the best possible outcome for you.