Getting Legal Advice From an Experienced Criminal Lawyer can be Invaluable

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Getting Legal Advice From an Experienced Criminal Lawyer can be Invaluable

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These days of Covid-19 outbreak are trying times.

Shelter-in-place and isolation orders have resulted in increase of domestic violence crimes.

This setting has also raised fears and concerns over safety of victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is an all embracing term for violent acts and threats that happen between people who are living in a relationship.

They can be married or living together. They may even share a child in common.

While any of the members can be perpetrators, serious crimes are usually committed by males attacking females.

How is domestic violence defined?

Several states define domestic violence as a well-defined crime.

Under Maryland law, the following acts are considered domestic violence

  • Assault
  • Child abuse or abuse of a physically disabled or vulnerable adult
  • Rape
  • False confinement
  • Stalking
  • Causing severe physical injury or harm

In Maryland a law enforcement officer can arrest a person suspected of domestic violence even in the absence of a warrant.

However, according to Prince George’s county criminal law attorney in MD, “For the enforcement officer to arrest, there must be evidence that the victim is injured and must have a reasonable conviction that the victim has been assaulted”.      

Such an incident must be reported to the police within 48 hours.

It is also a crime to violate a protective order.  A protective order (also called a restraining order) is a court order that requires a person to stay away from another person.

Charging and prosecuting in cases of domestic violence is not a straightforward matter.

Some of the most common issues are failure by the victims to report and/or reluctance to testify.

It is not uncommon for a person to be falsely accused of a domestic violence crime. If you feel you have been wrongly accused of domestic violence, consult an experienced criminal lawyer in your area.

Choose a lawyer who is experienced in handling cases related to domestic violence. Remember lawyers work according to their expertise.

If you want to file for bankruptcy, consult with Prince George’s county bankruptcy lawyer.

In cases of crime, take assistance of a criminal lawyer. In a criminal case the rules of evidence are complicated.

During a trial you may be asked questions that do not comply with the rules of evidence.

The cross examination of a witness is then likely to be met with interruptions and objections from the prosecuting lawyer with the court giving a ruling that questioning cannot be continued further.

A good Prince George’s county criminal law attorney in MD will know which questions must be asked of the witness and how the questions must be framed.

Importantly, you save yourself significant stress and worry.

You may presume engaging a lawyer is expensive but by not engaging a lawyer, you run the risk of:

  •  Being falsely accused and charged
  •  Being proved guilty when in fact, your are innocent

By having legal representation, you always have the chance to prove your innocence.