Child Custody Cases Can be Brutal

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Child Custody Cases Can be Brutal

Child custody cases can be the most heated part of divorce proceedings, and are often combative, contentious battles, greatly impacting children in a negative manner. One of the worst public custody battles was between “Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel and her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy.

The two were married for three years, and had a daughter, Bryn. The 2013 split between the couple was drawn out for years because both Frankel and Hoppy filed for sole custody of Bryn.

According to US Weekly, Frankel told Hoppy in court in 2014, “We are going to war.”

And war it was. According to Frankel, Hoppy told Bryn that her mother was a witch, while he and Bryn were a prince and princess. The two reached a temporary shared custody agreement in 2014, but in 2017 Hoppy was arrested when he went to Bryn’s school unannounced. Frankel was granted a six-month restraining order and in 2018, Frankel again filed for full custody. In 2019, the court-appointed co-parenting coordinator quit, saying he had never excused himself from a case in his 15-year career.

In 2020—seven years after they filed for divorce—Frankel and her ex finally came to an agreement and their divorce was finalized, with the two sharing custody of Bryn, although she spent most of her time with Frankel.

Common Child Custody Issues

No one wants to go through trials and tribulations during a custody case—especially like the problems Frankel and Hoppy endured—and having an excellent child custody attorney can make the process a smooth one that takes the child’s emotional health into consideration. Still, there are some issues that can cause trouble between parents in a courtroom.

Some of the most common child custody issues include:

  • Parents who have gone through a contentious divorce may use their children as weapons, and the custodial parent might refuse to allow the other parent to see their child, or they might not bring the child to a scheduled visitation. A good child custody attorney can help resolve this problem, ensuring that the child spends time with both parents.
  • Changes in living environment. A parent may lose a job, facing financial hardship. That could lead to changes in custody or child support for the best interest of the child.
  • Child support issues. If the parent who is required to provide child support stops paying, the parent with custody can legally cease visitation in turn.
  • A parent remarries. This could change the dynamics of relationships with children, and if they are negatively impacted by a new spouse’s habits or lifestyle, the other parent may be awarded full custody.

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