5 Top Things to Consider While Choosing Divorce and Custody Lawyers

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5 Top Things to Consider While Choosing Divorce and Custody Lawyers

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Couples facing divorce have a lot to consider. Apart from making arrangements for their new lives, they must also consider seeking a lawyer. And not just any lawyer; you must have by your side the best lawyer.

Now, “best” is not equal for everybody. It is more of a relative term. What is best for your friend may or may not be best for you.

Similarly, a lawyer with the best reputation may not make you feel comfortable at all. So, you can say, the “best” is the combination of credentials, experience, and the way the person makes you feel. Consider this while choosing divorce and custody lawyers.

There is no use hiring a lawyer with whom you feel uneasy to talk about. This is because you need to share your life’s secrets at times with a lawyer. For example, if you are divorcing due to domestic violence, you must candidly describe the torment that your partner inflicted upon you. This will help the lawyer know the exact facts to build a strong case.

There are times when one must bring out skeletons from the closet and for that you need to feel comfortable talking about your deepest secrets and fears to the lawyer.

Over time, it is often found that lawyers become the pillar of moral support for a person going through a terrible divorce. But only good lawyers with empathy for their clients and compassion for their job can do that.

Top things to consider while choosing divorce and custody lawyers

1. Experience:

A lawyer who has “been there and done this before” is a better choice than a lawyer who himself/herself is trying to learn the ropes. And if your case is of high conflict or involves children with special needs and other such complications, you must look for a highly experienced lawyer. The emphasis is on the word “highly” here.

2. Specialization:

Not all family law lawyers deal with divorce and custody cases. So, if you are taking a divorce and have custody issues, seek a lawyer who specializes in this area of family law.

3. Local lawyer:

It’s good to hire al local lawyer because laws differ from state to state. So, for a case of child custody in Maryland, seek a local lawyer who practices in Maryland. He/she will be well-versed with the local laws and how things go about in the courtroom.

4. Accessibility:

It might become cumbersome to travel several hours or take leave for the whole day from your workplace just to see your lawyer. Better to find a lawyer near you. Lawyers working in a particular geographical area have a strong local network and relationships with the courthouse staff and the judges. It’s an advantage.

5. Professionalism:

Being professional is good; but too much can sever the ‘human’ connection. We all are humans first and every human has emotions. Somebody who cannot connect with your emotional side cannot understand what you are actually going through. And divorce comes with a lot of emotional baggage. It’s good to have a lawyer who empathizes with you and doesn’t consider you as ‘just another case.’ You can easily connect with the best divorce and custody lawyers online.