5 Tips to Help You Decide What Criminal Defense Law Firm to Hire

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5 Tips to Help You Decide What Criminal Defense Law Firm to Hire

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When you have to hire a good criminal defense lawyer in MD it is surely not as simple as picking up one from the yellow pages and hire him/her in a hurry. It could very well be that the criminal charges against you are quite serious and you are getting anxious but take your time in hiring the lawyer who is going to defend you in court. Any wrong decision here could be the difference between a hard verdict and a favorable one by the court. In this article, we will look up the likely reasons for selecting a criminal defense lawyer to fight your case in court.

1. Experience in criminal law

First things first; it is extremely important for you to know if the lawyer you are speaking to, has experience of criminal law. If yes, you proceed with the discussion and if no, stop right there and make your point – ‘I need a lawyer with experience of criminal law.’ It’s your life that is in line and you cannot take chances here.

2. Does your lawyer practice in Maryland?

If you are facing criminal charges in Maryland, then you should just be looking for top Maryland criminal lawyers or attorneys to represent you in court. There can be no compromise on this requirement because courts in different places have their own peculiarities that only the lawyer practicing there would know. The fate of your case depends on how well your lawyer knows the court and the judge presiding there.

3. Validate your lawyer’s credentials

You can begin your search for information about your lawyer at the website of the bar council of Maryland. If s/he has undergone any disciplinary action in the past, it will be mentioned on the website. In addition to that, you could check up on review websites like Google or Facebook to see what clients have to say about the lawyer.

4. A law firm is a better option than a lawyer operating alone

It is always a better option to hire a law firm with a team of experienced lawyers working in close coordination than a criminal defense lawyer in MDoperating all alone. When a number of lawyers work as a team on one case, their resourcefulness increases manifold in comparison to what a lone lawyer is able to achieve. They exchange ideas and build strategies to achieve the best result for their client.

5. How well does your lawyer communicate?

This is a very important point to note. You will get a sense of this particular quality of the top Maryland criminal lawyers or attorneys in your very first interaction with them. To begin with, they should be prompt in responding to each and every question that you may have. Whether you ask the questions and clarifications on phone or through email, they should answer every question to your satisfaction.

It is extremely important for a defendant in a criminal case to have a lawyer, who is well-read and experienced in criminal law. Experience of practicing in the state where you are facing the charges is equally important among other qualities mentioned above.