3 Top Reasons You Must Hire Northern Virginia Bankruptcy Attorneys

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3 Top Reasons You Must Hire Northern Virginia Bankruptcy Attorneys

Filing for bankruptcy is a good idea when your debts are piling up and you are unable to pay. The first thing to do when you finally decide to go bankrupt is hire a competent lawyer specializing in this field. Bankruptcy cases are usually complicated, so it helps to have a legal aid by your side.

Not all cases are alike. It depends on the Chapter you choose to file, your business or personal financial position, involvement of bankruptcy litigation, whether your assets are at stack, and other factors.

Northern Virginia bankruptcy attorneys are skilled in handling all kinds of bankruptcy cases. So, you can expect sheer competency and dedication from them. Choose a lawyer who has represented cases similar to yours before. Also know their success rate.

1. Giving sound legal advice

The retainer agreement, which is a contract between you and your lawyer, gives you a summary of the services your lawyer will provide you. One of the duties of a lawyer is to offer sound legal advice to their clients throughout the legal procedure.

So, when you first meet the lawyer, he or she should tell you whether you really should choose to file for bankruptcy.

If bankruptcy is the best option for you, then the lawyer will help you choose the Chapter. He or she will throw light on what to expect during the whole legal process, whether your case is complicated, and what things you must not do that might make your case complicated.

You must ask questions to your lawyers whenever in doubt. In case a lawyer is annoyed by your questions or does not answer them properly, you must drop him/her and choose another lawyer. When you hire a lawyer they are obliged to answer your calls and emails in the most proper manner.

2. Filling and preparing your case

Bankruptcy features lengthy paperwork. Bankruptcy lawyers usually have specialized software that helps them prepare your file and do the necessary paperwork.

You must reveal all your financial details to the attorney viz; your income, expenditure, debts, assets, and others. Please be honest. Do not hide any financial information. It can complicate your case further.

It is important to submit forms and paperwork within the fixed deadline in the court. Northern Virginia bankruptcy attorneys know this and will leave no stone unturned to ensure your paperwork is completed with accuracy and submitted to the court within the deadline.

Missing a deadline can delay your legal process or even lead to dismissal of your case.

3. Representing you at hearings

Once you file for bankruptcy, you must attend a hearing known as the 341 Meeting of Creditors. This is mandatory.

Other hearings include Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Maryland Confirmation hearing, Chapter 7 Reaffirmation hearing, and any objection or motion hearing that you, your trustee, or your creditors may have filed.

Your lawyer will keep you updated of how your case is going and when the next hearing is.

When you are facing an acute financial crisis, it is best to contact one of the most reputable bankruptcy attorneys to represent your case.

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