3 Major Issues That Often Arise in Child Custody Cases in Maryland

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3 Major Issues That Often Arise in Child Custody Cases in Maryland

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Child custody cases face a long string of issues. Parents must handle these issues tactfully so that they do not affect the child’s wellbeing in any way. A good family lawyer can help you tackle these in the best manner possible.

Here are the commonest issues that arise in most child custody cases in Maryland.

1. Relocation issue

If the mother or the father intends to move out of the city or state, the divorced couple must agree on long-distance parenting. Amicable parents can easily settle this issue outside the court. However, fighting parents need to take this to the court. Let the court decide what’s best for the child.

This is how the court will do it:

  • It will analyze the reason for moving and whether it is sound enough.
  • It will examine the benefits of moving, whether the relocation will provide the child with better education or environment to grow.
  • It will see whether moving out will still help the child spend quality time with both parents.

The court’s decision is based on the benefits of relocation to the child. If it sees that your relocation decision is affecting the child’s mental status adversely, it won’t allow you to relocate. You may even lose custody of the child.

If you have an objection about your ex-spouse moving out with your child, please raise it through a family lawyer or mediator. Avoid fighting directly with your ex-partner. This not only worsens your case, but also affects the child negatively.

2. Visitation issue

Many times, a custodial parent may not allow the father or mother to see the child. Or they may not bring the child at the fixed place and time for visitation. This is breach of visitation agreement. You must tell your lawyer about this to take appropriate legal action. See if you can settle this out of the court.

Similarly, one parent may fail to provide child support. In this case, the custodial parent can stop visitation. Top family lawyers in Largo, MD, are apt in dealing with such issues.

3. Child information issue

The custodial parent has the right to take care of the child in all ways. However, this does not rob the right of the non-custodial parent to know about the welfare of his/her child. The custodial parent must provide all the information about their child to the non-custodial parent, if he or she asks about that. The child needs both the mother and the father for better growth and development. You must never prevent your child from spending time or loving their mother or father.

Many times, due to hatred or grudges between the divorced couple, one might prevent the other from meeting the child or giving them information about how the child is doing. A competent family lawyer will help you deal with this issue legally. Child custody in Maryland is not always a smooth sailing process. It largely depends on the amicability between the parents. In case of fighting parents, the case becomes more complicated. In either situation, family lawyers prove to be of great help.